Rimarimba – Chicago Death Excretion Geometry

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Label:Hamster Records And Tapes ‎– HAM 20


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise at some parts)

Jacket:VG+ (slight corner bump, thin seal mark on back, totally good category)

Rimarimba, a home recording unit led by Robert Cox, who has been re-evaluated with Woo. This album contains two full-length pieces of minimal music that aim the effect of fragmenting and reorganizing the "canon" of the previous work, and to fuse chamber music and contemporary popular music elements. A world of ecstasy that seems to have wandered into somewhere like a jacket with the faint shimmering. It’s also interesting to compare it with the past three pieces. Amazing.

Wooと共に再評価著しいRobert Coxが率いた宅録ユニットRimarimba。本作では過去作の規則性(Canon)を断片化し再編成した効果、室内楽と現代のポピュラー音楽要素の融合等を狙ったミニマルミュージックを長編2曲で収録。淡いゆらめきはそのままにジャケのようにどこかに迷い込んだかのような恍惚の世界。過去三作との聴き比べも興味深いと思います。

A - Chicago Death Sample 1

A - Chicago Death Sample 2

B - Excretion Geometry Sample 1

B - Excretion Geometry Sample 2