Rie Kitaharta = 北原理絵 – SP/78回転 北原理絵の摩訶不思議な世界

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Label:Panam – GGP-9

Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs, not bad condition w/obi(light brown wear), insert

Rie Kitahara, who was known as a pornographic actress, freely added lyrics to jazz standard numbers, and Kiyoshi Yamaya and Shoji Yokouchi worked on full-fledged arrangements. This is a rather unconventional jazz album. Recommend contents throughout for its atmospheric tracks that match the two composer's expressiveness with glossy vocals, in particular, the thrilling arrangements of jazz-funk "You want to bully me", jazz ensemble "Above the Horizon" that seems to entwine each performance, and the cult jazz number "Room 3 of the Mental Ward" are highlights. Great album.


A1 - あなたのワイシャツ

A2 - 精神病棟第三病室

A3 - いじめたいあなた

B2 - あの日を思い出して!

B4 -思い出にさよなら

B5 - 地平線の上