Richard Yamaguchi & Akiko Fukumitsu – The Beginning Song

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Label:Studio 307


Used LP 198X

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A private synth-pop album composed and arranged by still mysterious Richard Yamaguchi. The release was probably around mid to late 80's. It's a work filled with a sense of refreshing feeling, memories of youth, struggles with the times, which could only have been possible at "this time" with the extensive use of synths. Total well put together despite being an independent release, with "Last Scene" featuring exquisitely tone-deaf vocals that bring out the sound of the synths, "Sore Wo Kimini” with its nice intro part and melancholy vocals from middle part and "I want to find yesterday's dream" with its indescribable use of synths. The extended texture of homemade music is also a nice touch.

謎多きコンポーザーRichard Yamaguchiが全作編曲を手掛けた自主制作シンセポップアルバム。リリースはおそらく80年半ば~後半辺りでしょうか。シンセを大々的に取り入れた”この時”でしかなしえない様な清涼感、青春の記憶、甘酸っぱさが詰まったような作品。絶妙な音痴加減のヴォーカルがブリブリのシンセの音色を更に引き出しているような”Last Scene”、イントロパートから中盤以降に哀愁あるボーカルが入ってくる”それを君に”、なんともいえないシンセ使いが癖になる”昨日の夢を探してみたい”を筆頭に自主盤ながら内容もまとまってると思います。ホームメイド・ミュージックの延長のような質感もまたいい塩梅。

A2 - それを君に

A4 - Last Scene

A5 - あなたへの想い

B1 - 昨日の夢を探してみたい

B2 - わ. た. し.