Ric Halstead and Eugene Pao with Eddie Gomez – Chance Encounters

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Label:Kindred Spirits – KS 1001

Country:Hong Kong

Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape, almost no noise)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wear on back, not bad condition)

1987 album records a three-hour live session between American saxophonist Ric Halstead who have left career on Hong Kong, and Hong Kong-born jazz guitarist Eugene Pao, and Eddie Gomez as a guest, a bass player best known with the Bill Evans Trio, who visited the city in 1986. It's simply wonderful content and is known by those in the know for the high quality of each performance, with an emphasis on "acoustic" while leaving space for improvisation. Among the highlights are "Kindred Spirits" which is full of tension and graceful performance, "Time Slips Away", a beautiful session of over 8 minutes. There is also a Hong Kong press of a small rod, and LP is known as a phantom piece.

香港で多くの足跡を残したアメリカ人サックス奏者Ric Halsteadと香港出身のジャズギタリストEugene Paoが86年に香港を訪れたBill Evans Trioに代表される活動で知られるベース奏者Eddie Gomezとの三時間のライブセッションの模様を記録した87年作。即興の余地を残しながら”アコースティック”に念頭を置いた各人の演奏の高さを物語る知る人ぞ知る素晴らしい内容となっています。中でも緊張感漲りながら優雅な演奏が堪能できる”Kindred Spirits”、8分を超える美しいセッション”Time Slips Away”は白眉。小ロッドの香港プレスもありLPは幻の作品として知られています。

A1 - Time Slips Away

A3 - Interactions

B1 - Alone and Together

B2 - Kindred Spirits

B3 - Parting Friends