Rene Aubry - S.T.

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Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (has like discoloration due to sun exposure,artist autograph on front)

The French composer/multi instrumentalist Rene Aubry, who has been working mainly with ballet and stage music since the 1970s, independently released this album in 1983 under his own name. This album is minimal folk masterpiece of swirling luster, performed with most of the instruments playing himselves.

70年代より主にバレエや舞台の音楽などを手掛けていたフランス人コンポーザー/マルチ演奏者Rene Aubryが個人名義の自主制作でリリースした83年作。ほとんどの楽器を自ら演奏して描かれた光沢感が渦巻くミニマル・フォークの傑作。

A1 - Ouverture

A3 - Turbulent Wave

B1 - Rituel

B4 - Buzy Signal