Raviv Gazit – Ze

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Label:Hed-Arzi – BAN 15293


Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at mainly silent part, totally nice shape)

Jacket:VG+ (punch hole, light scuffs)

Raviv Gazit, an electronic musician/composer born in Israel who is still active today, left this masterpiece in 1988. With a focus on the integrated electronic musical instrument Synclavier, which Jon Appleton was also involved in, his touch is miraculous as it stimulates various emotions as if gushing out from subtle soundscapes, nourishing tunes that seem to connect with the climate and tradition, and imaginary tunes that evoke a sense of wonder. There is always a new discovery to listen. Israel original.

現在も活動を続けるイスラエルが生んだ電子音楽家/作曲家Raviv Gazitが88年に残した傑作。Jon Appletonも携わった統合電子楽器シンクラヴィアを中心とした構成で創造された瑞々しい音響スケープから風土や伝統を結び付けたような滋養に満ちた曲、不思議な感覚を呼び起こすようなイマジナリーな曲まで湧き出るように様々な感情を搔き立てるそのサウンドは奇跡的。いつ聞いても新しい感覚を呼び起こしてくれる、そんな逸品。イスラエルオリジナル。

A2 - Two

A4 - Possibillity

B1 - Gavrush

B3 - Kurdania II

B5 - 11/8