Rastaclub ‎– Search For Love - おまえのさがしもの -

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Label:Explosion Records


Used LP 198X

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (wrinkles like after gluing,totally very clean) w/insert

Probably the only album of the unspecified large reggae band Rastaclub, which has been released for some reason by Tokyo-based Explosion Records, which mainly released heavy metal and hard rock. Full-scale sounds are recorded, including A2 with a mellow raster sound and A4 with a cheerful rhythm, as if they were performing even with the independently released 12".

ヘビーメタルやハードロックを主にリリースしていた東京拠点のExplosion Recordsからなぜかリリースされている詳細不明の大所帯レゲエバンドRastaclubのおそらく唯一のアルバム。自主でリリースされている12"でも確認できるようにメロウなラスタサウンドのA2や陽気なリズムのA4を筆頭に本格的なサウンドを収録しています。

A2 - Search For Love

A4 - Too Fat To Run, Too Lose To Love

B1 - Hey Police!!

B3 - Love Your Love