R.N.A. Organism – R.N.A.O Meets P.O.P.O

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Label:Vanity Records – Vanity 0006


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape andk shiny, only feel slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears at some parts, totally good category) w/insert

R.N.A. Organism is an anonymous unit of three members, 0123, Chance, and Tetsu, who were active mainly in Kyoto. They sent a demo tape in a guerrilla manner, and it is rumored that it influenced the actions of EP-4's Kaoru Sato, who produced this work. It's "cheap" but convincing minimal electro dub sounds using various gadgets for rhythm box, guitar, synth, voice, etc. It's no wonder that this is a favorite of Yuzuru Agi.
Just amazed and surprised sound makes you want to listen to this beat forever. From the design to everything else, it's the best. A lifetime piece.

京都を中心に活動していた0123,Chance,Tetsuの3人による匿名ユニットR.N.A. Organism。ゲリラ的にデモテープを送り付け本作のプロデュースを手掛けているEP-4の佐藤薫の後の行動にも影響を与えたとも噂されています。リズムボックス、ギター、シンセ、ヴォイスに様々なガジェットを用いた剝き出しのサウンドの中にも端正かつ説得力を感じるミニマル・エレクトロ・ダブ・サウンドの数々。阿木譲のお眼鏡にも適うのも納得のブツ。いつまでもこのビートを聞いていたい。デザインから何まで最高。一生もの。

R1 - Weimar 22

R2 - Howareyou, Whyou

R3 - After

R4 - Bring To Naught

R5 - Nativity

R6 - Yes, Every Africa Must Be Free Eternally

N1 - Say It Loud, I'm Dilettante, I'm Proud

N2 - Matrix