Quique Sinesi - Música Para Guitarras

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Label:Melopea Discos


Used Cassette 1992

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Case&Sleeve:VG+/VG (has light water stain on sleeve) 

During his long career, Quique Sinesi, one of Argentina's leading guitarists, has been working leading folklore jazzian as Alfombra Magica or neo-folklore works with Carlos Aguirre,Puente Celeste,more and has a huge following here in Japan. This is his '92 album, which he secretly released on Melopea. The work, which was recorded in 1989, which is the active period of Alfombra Magica, also shows a style that makes you listen beautifully and quietly. Be able to enjoy his view of the world, including recommended A2, B1 and B2.

長いキャリアの間にAlfombra Magicaといった先鋭的なフォルクローレ・ジャズから盟友カルロスアギーレとのネオフォルクローレ作品までを股にかけここ日本でも絶大な支持を集めるアルゼンチンを代表するギタリストの一人Quique SinesiがLitto Nebbia主催Melopeaより密かにリリースしていた92年のアルバム。そのAlfombra Magicaの活動期に当たる89年に録音がなされていた作品で艶があり美しくも静かに聴かせる作風をこちらでも披露しています。A2、B1、B2などを筆頭に氏の世界観を堪能できます。

A2 - Voces Interiores

B1 - Sonidos De Aquel Dia

B2 - Suenos De Octubre

B4 - Agostando