Quinteto Instrumental De Musica Moderna – Rico Melao

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Label:Areito – LPA 1027


Used LP 1964

Disc:VG+/VG (normally plays good and looks clean, surface noise is noticeable in some parts but it doesn't last long, check audio clips)

Jacket:VG (scuffs/wears/wrinkles, not bad conditon as Cuban sleeve)

1964 album by the quintet formed by blind Cuban pianist Frank Emilio. It features Cuban rhythm such as rumba, mambo, bolero, more performed in jazz manners. It could be enjoyed as a lounge music, but the rhythmic depth and graceful performance exceed that. The afro-cuban tune “Drume Negrita” with slow and cool playing, and elegant piano tune “Sabor A Mi” are especially wonderful. Amazing old Cuban jazz piece.

盲目のキューバ人ピアニストFrank Emilioが結成したクインテットによる64年作。ルンバ、マンボ、ボレロといったキューバン・リズムの楽曲をジャズマナーで演奏した作品。ラウンジとしても楽しめそうですが、それを上回るリズムの深さと優雅なパフォーマンス。中でも緩急をつけたクールな演奏の”Drume Negrita”、しっとりとしたエレガントなピアノを聞かせる”Sabor A Mi”が素晴らしい。名演ひしめくオールドキューバンジャズ作品。

A1 - Sabor A Mi

A2 - No Te Importe Saber

A3 - Drume Negrita

A5 - Rico Melao

B1 - La Gloria Eres Tu

B3 - Blues In Cha Cha Cha