Quetawki Group/Shebaba Group ‎– Zuni

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Label:Canyon Records


Used LP 19XX

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

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A singing record of performances by two groups, Quetawki Group / Shebaba Group, for hunting, praying for the crops, and thanking songs of Indians who have been living in Zuni, New Mexico, USA for a long time,announced from Canyon Records, which boasts a release group that records Native American spiritual songs and prayers. Audio sample is "Old-Time Nah-Ha-Li-Sho" by Shebaba Group, where the prayer songs and maracas sound like psychedelics,"Harvest Dance Song" by Quetawki Group, with bell-like tones, maracas and drums proceeding densely.

アメリカ中央ニューメキシコ州ズーニー地域に古くから住むインディアン達の狩りや作物への祈りや感謝の歌をQuetawki Group/Shebaba Groupの2グループによる演奏を記録したスプリット盤で、ネイティブアメリカンの霊歌や祈りを記録したリリース群を誇るCanyon Recordsから発表されたもの。視聴はひたすら続く祈りの歌とマラカスがサイケデリックに響くShebaba Groupによる"Old-Time Nah-Ha-Li-Sho",鈴のような音色にマラカス、太鼓が密度深く進行するQuetawki Groupによる"Harvest Dance Song"


Shebaba Group - Old-Time Nah-Ha-Li-Sho

Quetawki Group - Harvest Dance Song