Projeto III – O Trio

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Label:Equipe – EJ-6002


Used LP 1968

Disc:VG+ (feel a little crackling in the quiet part, generally good impression, please check audio samples)

Jacket:VG+ (tear/wrinkles/scuffs, no cut/split, category of good condition)

1968 released album by Projeto III, a bossa-jazz band formed by José Roberto Bertrami, Ivan Conti, and Alex Malheiros, members of the Brazilian legendary band Azymuth, before they called themselves Azymuth. The majority of the compositions are cover instrumental tunes with the respect that is commonplace in South America. Total 10 tracks feature the excellent performances and arrangements of Marcos Valle, Billy Blanco, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Hugo y Oswaldo. The last track, "Vania," the only one written by Bertrami, is especially enchanting. We guess their ability was already recognized by everyone at that time. Feel a little crackling in the quiet part, generally good impression.

ブラジルのレジェンダリーバンドAzymuthのメンバーJosé Roberto Bertrami, Ivan Conti, Alex MalheirosがAzymuthと名乗る前に結成していたボッサジャズバンドProjeto IIIによる68年作。南米では当たり前のリスペクトを込めたカバー曲が大半を占める構成。後にバックを務めるMarcos Valle, Billy Blanco, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Hugo y Oswaldoまでその素晴らしい演奏、アレンジメントが堪能できる全10曲。中でも唯一Bertramiが書き上げているラストの”Vania”はもううっとり。もうこの頃からその実力は誰もが認めるものだったのでしょう。少し静音部でチリパチ感じますが概ね良好という印象です。

A1 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

A3 - Não Somos (I Love You)

A4 - Não Posso Esquecer

B1 - Viola Enluarada

B2 - Como E Grande O Meu Amor Por Voce

B3 - Happy Together

B5 - Vania