Primo Quinteto ‎– Bailando Bossa Nova En El Camichin

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Label:Aries A-501


Used LP 1968

Disc:VG+ (slight back noise due to age, but playback is generally good.)

Jacket:VG+ (age scrubs,No cut&break,totally nice condition) 

A jazz samba/bossa nova work left in Mexico in 1968 by Primo Jr., a jazz pianist who was active mainly in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. The organ and vibraphone are the main instruments in this elegant and groovy sound. It is well known that João Gilberto, Luis Eça and others went to Mexico in the late 60's and left behind masterpieces, and this is one of them. Released in a different jacket on the Aries label, which had a short but dense catalog in the late 60s. There is a slight back noise due to age, but playback is generally good.

ブラジル南部ポルト・アレグレを中心に活動していたジャズピアニストPrimo Jr.がメキシコにて1968年に残したジャズサンバ/ボサノバ作品。オルガン&ヴィブラフォンがメインに奏でる優雅でグルーヴィなサウンドの数々、ジョアン・ジルベルト、ルイス・エサなど60年代後半にメキシコに渡り名作を残しているのは有名ですが、こちらもその一枚に数えられるべき秀作。60年代後期に短くも濃厚なカタログを持つAriesレーベルから別ジャケットでのリリース。年代もあり僅かにバックノイズありますが再生概ね良好です。

A1 - Call Me (Llamame)

A2 - Brasilia

A3 - Samba De Verano

B4 - O Pato (Un Pato)

B5 - Triguilim