Piry Reis ‎– Rio Zero-Grau

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Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (super light surface noise at quiet part,strongly great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (only light scrubs/wear,totally good condition)

Since his first album in 1970, Piry Reis, a SSW from Rio de Janeiro, has been attracting to people with his excellent music texture, experimental mind, floating melodies, while also being popular in the recent new age movement. This is '86 release from Carmo that in addition to Wanderley Pereira and Dulce Bressane, who are indispensable to Piry and Gismonti's work, Nando Carneiro joined as arranger/keyboard and his fresh, shimmering melodies added to Piry's aforementioned sound raised the overall impression to a high quality work. A2/B1/B5 are especially fascinating. Masterpiece!

70年の初作から優れた音楽性、実験精神、浮遊するメロディを併せ持ったサウンドで多くの人を魅了し続けながら、昨今のニューエイジ文脈でも評価されるリオデジャネイロ出身のSSW Piry Reisの86年作。PiryやGismontiの作品には欠かせないWanderley Pereira,Dulce Bressaneに加えアレンジャー/キーボードで参加したNando Carneiroの瑞々しい煌めくメロディが前述のPiryのサウンドに加わり全体を高品位な作品に引き上げていて、特にA2/B1/B5などはいつ聴いてもうっとりしてしまいます。名作。

A1 - Jardim de Alah

A2 - Polichinelo

B1 - Rio Zero-Grau

B5 - Alma-Delta