Piper – Sunshine Kiz

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Label:Yupiteru Records – YV27-1006


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight brown wear on back, totally good condition) w/obi and insert in one piece type (slight brown wear)

The 4th album by Piper, a three-piece (at the time) synth-pop band also known as Summer Pop Band. The Breezin's sound that shows the episode of midsummer love is still alive in this work. Starting with the AOR tune "Sunshine Kiz," which is also enhanced by the "fluffy" vocoder voice, the album continues with the urban mellow "Hidin' In Your Shelter", the melancholy adult oriented pop "Boku No Love Song", and the exquisite synth pop "Daydream Believer". The sound is so pleasant that it is great as background music, but feel that it is Keiichi Yamamoto's songwriting that makes this album so special.

Summer Pop Bandとも呼ばれる三人組(当時)シンセポップバンドPiperによる4thアルバム。真夏の恋のエピソードが映し出されるブリージンなサウンドは本作でも健在。ヴォコーダーヴォイスの”フワフワ”も高揚感を引き立てるAORチューン”Sunshine Kiz”に始まり、アーバンメロウ”Hidin' In Your Shelter”、哀愁のアダルト・オリエンテッド・ポップ”Boku No Love Song”、絶妙なテンションが気持ちいいシンセポップ”Daydream Believer”などオススメ。非常に気持ちいいサウンドでBGMとしても最高ですが、山本圭右のソングライティングの妙があってこそだなと感じます。

A1 - Sunshine Kiz

A4 - Hidin' In Your Shelter

B1 - Boku No Love Song

B2 - Futari No Summer Time

B5 - Daydream Believer