Piper – Summer Breeze

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Label:Yupiteru Records – CO27-1003


Used Cassette 1983 

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Sleeve/Case:VG+ (outer sleeve is good condition, very slight age wear) 

1983 album by the summer pop band Piper. Unlike their next album "Sunshine Kiz", this album is mainly instrumental, and in addition to the representative tune "Summer Breeze", tunes with from summery resort feeling to Breezin'mellow tune such as A3/A3/B2. Total comfortable from beginning to end. The jacket with its impossibly short shirt is also without any discomfort. The lyrics seat does not seem to be included, probably because it is mainly instrumental. Very rare!

サマー・ポップ・バンドPiperの83年作。次作”Sunshine Kiz”とは異なりインスト主体のアルバムとなっていて、代表曲”Summer Breeze”の他にもA3/A3/B2など夏らしいリゾート感のある曲~ブリージン・メロウな曲まで終始気持ちいい楽曲群。これを聴くとありえないほど短いシャツを着たジャケも違和感なく馴染んできます。おそらくインスト主体の為、歌詞カードはついてない模様です。

Full Samples link from YouTube