Picky Picnic – Lovely Water Peaceful

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Label:ナゴムレコード – NG-029


Used Flexi-disc 1986

Disc:VG+ (looks perfect but due to the characteristics of Flexi-disc, there is a little noise)

Jacket:VG+ (clean)

7” Flexi-disc by Picky Picnic, an obscure duo known for their playful avant-garde new wave and experimental pop tunes using cute children's voices, and also known that it corresponded with the world such as Germany's prestigious Ata Tak label and The Residents. The A-side "Lovely Water Peaceful," a synth-pop tune with a cute voice and a variety of interesting arrangements, and the B-side "Blue Mountain 500 Miles Goes By," an exhilarating groove with insect voices. Released from Nagom Records that contains tunes that are typical of both.

ドイツ名門Ata TakレーベルやThe Residentsなど世界と呼応していた事でも知られ、キュートな子供の声を使った遊び心のあるアヴァンギャルドなニューウェーブやエクスペリメンタルなポップ・チューンが代名詞のオブスキュア・デュオPicky Picnicによる86年のソノシートシングル。A面はキュートな歌声と多彩なアレンジが面白いシンセポップ”Lovely Water Peaceful”、B面は虫の声入りの脱力グルーヴの”Blue Mountain 500 Miles Goes By”を収録。どちらもらしい曲を収録したナゴムからのリリース。

A - Lovely Water Peaceful

B - Blue Mountain 500 Miles Goes By