Phyllis Dillon – One Life To Live

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Label:Treasure IsIe – DSK 3548


Used LP 1991

Disc:VG+/VG (disc has marks, hairlines, some dirt, no skip/jump, please check audio samples)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears, totally good condition)

1972 masterpiece by Phyllis Dillon, one of the most iconic Rocksteady singers. A total 12 tunes sung neatly in a rocksteady manner with sweet melodies and slow rhythms. Starting with one of her best tune "One Life To Live One Love To Give", also features Beatles and Bob Marley covers, as well as dopey and sweet tunes. It's a reissue from Jamaica in 1991, and although there are marks, hairlines, some dirt, we have the impression that you'll still be able to enjoy.

ロックステディを象徴するシンガーのひとりPhyllis Dillonによる72年の名盤。スローなリズムに甘いメロディのロックステディマナーで丁寧に歌われる全12曲。いつ聞いても最高の代表曲”One Life To Live One Love To Give”に始まりビートルズやボブマーリーのカバー、ドープかつスウィートな楽曲まで改めて素晴らしい内容。91年のジャマイカ再発盤にて擦れ、ヘラライン、汚れなどありますがまだまだ聞いて頂けるかなという印象です。

A1 - One Life To Live One Love To Give

A3 - Long Time No Nice Time

A4 - Something

B1 - Woman Of The Ghetto

B4 - We Belong Together

B5 - Love That A Woman Should Give