Phil Yost – Fog-Hat Ramble

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Label:Takoma – C-1021


Used LP 1968

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wears, totally good condition)

One of the three works between 1967 and 1970 by Phil Yost, an American extraordinarily talented musician who remains a mystery to this day. Like his first album, this is also a multi-recorded work in which he played soprano saxophone, bass, guitar, tape, bells, etc., all by himself. Includes a total of 6 tunes, each performance accompanied by improvisation drifting with aura. All the tunes are quality, particularly "The Day Those Free-Balloon Races Passed Over Candy-Warp Crossings," an spectacular combination of high-speed playing, folklore, jazz and "Across The Somersault Region" which is over 8 minutes long free jazz tune led by like a swimming saxophone tone, are impressive. Take a trip to forth world. Released from the Takoma label, which is full of great pieces. The jacket on which the child is reflected is also the best.

今なお謎に包まれたままだという米人異能音楽家Phil Yostが67年から70年の間に残した3作品の1つ。ファースト同様にソプラノサックス、ベース、ギター、テープ、ベル等を全て自ら演奏した多重録音作品。即興を伴った各演奏が漂いながら霊気を帯びていくような圧巻の全6曲を収録。どの曲もヤバいですが高速弾き、フォークロア、ジャズが結びついた悶絶の”The Day Those Free-Balloon Races Passed Over Candy-Warp Crossings”、泳ぐようなサックスが先導する8分を超えるフリー感覚の”Across The Somersault Region”は特に凄い。異界の旅へどうぞ。名作ひしめくTakomaレーベルからのリリース。人間味を感じさせる子供と映った写真群もギャップがあって最高〜

A1 - Orange Kite Waltz

A3 - Through The Abacus Backwards

B1 - Across The Somersault Region

B2 - Look For Me In Eastrod, Mary O

B3 - The Day Those Free-Balloon Races Passed Over Candy-Warp Crossings