Percussion Group 72 – Live Vol.1

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Label:Cipango – CC-5001


Used LP 1979

Disc:VG+ (looks clean and good shape , only feel light surface noise

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs, totally good condition) w/obi (wrinkle on back),3×insert (light brown wear)

Self-produced album featuring performances by Percussion Group 72, which consists of seven percussionists under the direction of composer/vocalist Minoru Kobashi. On the A-side, more avant-garde performance of "Kijo", a baritone soloist in Noh(Japan's representative classical performing art) costume and masks, who collaborates with percussion instruments, which has a visual aspect, B side, "A Hun" was composed with an oriental or Japanese idea and was performed most often, both on 45rpm. Verve and dynamism. The insert explaining the history and traditions of percussion instruments in Japan is also interesting.

作曲家/声楽家 小橋稔の元、総勢7人のパーカッショ二ストからなるPercussion Group 72の演奏を収録した自主制作盤。A面にはアヴァンギャルドな演奏が多めの能の衣装と面をつけたバリトン独唱が打楽器と協演したヴィジュアル的な側面を併せ持った鬼女(Kijo)、B面には東洋的あるいは日本的な発想で作曲され最も多く演奏されたという阿呍(A Hun)を45回転で収録。日本における打楽器の歴史や伝統などを解説したインサートも興味深いです。

A - 鬼女 (Kijo)

B - 阿呍 (A Hun)