Pegmo - S.T.

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Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape, lable has small sticker)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear on front side, totally not bad condition) w/obi, insert

The first album of the 6-member techno pop band Pegmo, which was formed led by Daiji Okai, who is also a member of "Yoninbayashi" and known as producer the major hit band L⇔R in the 90's. Techno-pop songs are good, but the two slow numbers "Little Love" and "Magic Eyes", which are usually included in these bands, are excellent, for techno pop, A2 and B3 are good.

四人囃子のメンバーでもあり90年代にはメジャー大ヒット曲L⇔Rとしても知られる岡井大二を中心に結成された6人組テクノポップバンドPegmoのファーストアルバム。テクノポップな楽曲もいいのですが、やはりこういうバンドものには大抵入っているスローナンバー”リトルラブ”,”マジック アイズ"の二曲が秀逸、テクノポップ的にはA2,B3がオススメ。

A2 - レディ ダイエット

A4 - マジック アイズ

B4 - リトルラブ