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Used LP 1987 Promo

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scrubs on edge, strongly great condition) w/insert. Originally no obi.

The only album by Pazz, a three-man unit consisting of Masayuki Iwata and Tatsuya Nishiwaki, who are still active in major fields, and vocalist Miho Fujiwara. The quality was probably recognized from that time because of their work in the major field, which was the standard for talented musicians around this time. It contains high-quality tracks from urban to synth/city pop, especially urban city pop "Empty Heart", mellow and melancholy "Can't You See My Love", and "People!" The highlight is the boogie-like "Women" with a synth-based scent.

現在もメジャーなフィールドで活躍する岩田雅之と西脇辰弥にヴォーカリスト藤原美穂を加えた三人組ユニットPazzによる唯一のアルバム。この頃の実力派ミュージシャンの定石であるメジャーフィールドでの仕事ぶりから当時からそのクオリティは認められていたのでしょう。アーバンな曲からシンセ/シティポップまで上質の曲を収録していて、中でもアーバン・シティポップ”Empty Heart”、メロウで哀愁漂う”Can't You See My Love”,"People!"の両曲、シンセベース香るブギー調の”Women”がハイライト。

A2 - Rush Time Crazy

A4 - Empty Heart

B1 - Over Passion

B2 - Can't You See My Love

B3 - Woman

B5 - People!