Paul Hertzog - Bloodsport

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Label:RTL Plus ‎– SIL 5Silva Screen

Country:Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (age acrubs, not bad condition)

American composer Paul Hertzog, who had a short but impressive career in score music in the late 80's and early 90's, produced this 90th album for the movie "Bloodsport". The album features a lot of ambient synth/techno-pop that you wouldn't expect from a jacket with martial arts action content. It has a lot of good tunes. The fact that it is an American movie but released in Europe is also a mystery.

80年代後半から90年前半にかけて短いキャリアながら印象的なスコアミュージックを手掛けたアメリカ人コンポーザーPaul Hertzogが映画「Bloodsport」の為に制作した90年作。格闘技アクションの内容のジャケからは想像できないアンビエント的なシンセ/テクノポップを多数収録しているのが特徴。いい曲沢山入ってます。アメリカ映画ですがリリースはヨーロッパというのも謎です。

A2 - Kumite

A3 - Father And Son / Training

A4 - The Tree And The Sword / In Hong Kong / The Walled City / Ceremony

B3 - The Morning After

B7 - Triumph