Pascal Comelade – Détail Monochrome

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Label:Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier - Series: Labyrinthes – 1 – DSA 54002


Used LP 1984

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Pascal Comelade, one and only unique French musician with roots in Catalonia. This 1984 work was produced at a time when he was shifting from the minimalism electronic sounds of his early years to an acoustic sound that could be described as toy pop, using acoustic and toy instruments. The album contains 14 tracks, ranging from indescribable sounds using toy pianos and music boxes, to electronic sounds with a bewitching charm, and tracks depicting pale scapes. It's one of his many masterpieces that has gained a large following among his many works, and is full of a charm that cannot be adequately explained in words. Unfortunately missing insert.

カタルーニャにもルーツを持つフランス人音楽家Pascal Comelade。初期のミニマルな電子音響から生楽器とおもちゃの楽器を用いたトイ・ポップとも評されるアコースティックなサウンドへ移りつつあった時期にリリースされた84年の作品。トイピアノやオルゴールを使ったなんとも言えないサウンドから、妖しい魅力を放つ電子音響、淡いスケープを描いた楽曲まで全14曲を収録。言葉ではうまく説明できない魅力に溢れた、数ある彼の作品でも多くの支持を得ている名作のひとつ。最高~!残念ながらインサート欠品です。

A1 - Fragments

A3 - Chanson

A4 - Instants Au Bord De La Mer

A5 - Ritmos Del Fedayin

B2 - Bolero Cubiste

B5 - Dancing On My Sofa

B7 - Pluie Japonaise