Park Dong Ryul = 박동률 – Lost Time = 잃어버린 시간

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Label:Warner Music Korea – 4509-90087-4

Country:South Korea

Used Cassette 1992



1992 Korean ambient/new age masterpiece by Park Dong Ryul, a composer who has a history of releases mainly in the '80s after a period as a rock band. Similar to South Korea's Soo Chul Kim and Taiwan's Chen Yang, the sound that has become more sophisticated while eliminating waste in the 1990s is here as well. The entire album has great content, in particular, “Dream I” is an unusual tune that exudes a pastoral atmosphere with synth electro style, "Dream II", an ethnic dreamy type sound using percussion and more ethnic instrumentals, and spiritual new age "River" are excellent. A cassette version of the unopened product. The sound is also very clear.

ロックバンド期を経て80年代を中心にリリース歴を持つ韓国人コンポーザーPark Dong Ryulによる92年の最高傑作。同じく韓国のSoo Chul Kimや台湾のChen Yangに通じる90年を境に無駄を省きながらも洗練を増したサウンドがここにも。全編素晴らしい内容ですが、シンセ、エレクトロ、牧歌的な空気感を滲ませたような珍しい志向の一曲”Dream I”、パーカッションなどを用いたエスノ的ドリーミーサウンド”Dream II”、スピリチュアル・ニューエイジ”River”は特に秀逸。未開封品をオープンしたカセット版。音も非常にクリア。

A1 - 강 / River

A2 - 바람 / Wind

A4 - 굴렁쇠 / Guleongsoi

B2 - 꿈 I / Dream I

B3 - 꿈 II / Dream II

B4 - 산사의 새벽 / Dawn In A Mountain Temple