Pale Cocoon ‎– Mayu = 繭

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Label:Pafe Record ‎– TOY BOX 01


Used Cassette&Booklet

Cassette:VG+ (plays fine)

Media:VG+ (styrofoam and cover are peeled off. this is not included in the condition because of the nature of Styrofoam and it's over 35 years ago. Cover has age stain. Booklet has one point wear on back but totally great condition) 

Pale Cocoon's '84 original cassette book, created from the cocooning vision of Tsuyoshi Kawabata, who was crafting in his hometown of Toyama. Radical sound that feels every grain of sound that expresses a deep spirituality under the influence of Belgian symbolism painting, Japanese literature, the European indie scene of the time can not hide the surprise even if listen to it now. We're sure many of you were surprised by this year's reissue. If looking for the original, please consider this one.

地元富山で制作活動を行っていた川端強が思い描いた、繭から飛び出すようなヴィジョンから制作されたPale Cocoonの84年のオリジナルカセットブック。ベルギー象徴主義絵画、日本文学、当時のヨーロッパインディシーンからの影響下で深い精神性を表現する音の粒を一つ一つ感じる先鋭的なサウンドは今聴いても驚きを隠せません。再発も素晴らしい体裁でしたが、オリジナルで探されていた方がいればご検討ください。

A1 - Sora

A2 - Shunmin

A5 - Onshitsu

A6 - Kumoatsume

B4 - Automat

B5 - Microscorp


To check playback and prevent deterioration, each recording is a full sound sample