P.T.A's – New Songs

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Label:Cragale – CS-201


Used Flexi-disc 7" 1981

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wear)

P.T.A's, a 4-piece new wave band based in a rock cafe "Muon" in Yokohama. This is a Flexi-disc single from 1981, which was early catalog of Cragale, which was managed by Muon. The standsout track is “3-K” a dope track with a bouncing guitar riff and dark bass line on the B-side. The two songs on side A also have a quality that foretells what's to come.

横浜のロック喫茶“夢音”を拠点に活動した4人組ニューウェーブバンドP.T.A's。本作は“夢音”が運営したCragaleの初期カタログに当たる81年のソノシートシングル。注目はB面に収録された跳ね回るギター・リフ、ダークなベースラインのドープなトラック”3 - K”。A面の2曲もクオリティを感じて頂けて悪くないです。

A1 - Ishizue

A2 - Nagai Owakare

B - 3 - K