Osiris – In The Mist Of Time

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Label:Sound Of Poppy Inc


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape and shiny, only feel slight surface noise at mainly silent part)

Jacket:VG (mold stains overall, please check photos)

Hirofumi Kawahara, also known as a member of the folk group Jekyll and Hyde, switched to the progressive rock side and produced Osiris' first private album. It's a multi-recorded work, mainly guitar and keyboards, and includes from beautiful hypnotic ambient to ethereal electronics to experimental. The cosmic suite of five tracks at the beginning of the B-side is especially wonderful. This is a revised work that seems to exude his inner musicality and foreshadows his next unit Heretic. Disc is clean, but the back side of the jacket is noticeably stained, so it is inexpensive.

フォークグループ ジキルとハイドのメンバーとしても知られる河原博文がプログレ方面に転換して制作したOsirisの自主ファーストアルバム。ギター、キーボードを主体とした多重録音作品となっていてヒプノティックな美しいアンビエント~幽玄なエレクトロニクス~エクスペリメンタルまで収録。特にB面冒頭5曲が連なる宇宙的組曲のような壮大な曲群は素晴らしいです。彼の内に秘めた音楽性が滲み出たような、次のユニットHereticを予感させる改作。盤良好な部類ですがジャケ裏面汚れ目立つので安価にて。

A1 - Osiris Mithology

A3 - The Twinkling Dusk

A5 - Far From The Madding Crowd

B1-5 - The Restoration Of Soul - Phantasmagoria - Eternal Recurrence - Here - Upon A Now Somewhere - Life Beyond The Earth

B6 - What Was Is No More

B9 - Jeremiade