Oscar Cardozo Ocampo - Sin Límites

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Label:José Tagliani - VM 1302


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (artist autograph/one small sticker on back, totally good condition) w/original inner sleeve

Argentinian-born Paraguayan composer Oscar Cardozo Ocampo, whose father is a musician, has a wide range of musical experiences, including arranging for famous artists, creating music for films and theaters, and exploring South American rhythms. This album was released in 1987, contains a variety of elegant and diverse tunes, with him playing most of the keyboard instruments. A thrilling and mellow atmosphere with a two-part A1 "Cielo Dorico" is especially great and a splendid female vocal song B3 "A Coneiencia", B5 "Senorito De Los Bombos" that sublimates the rhythm peculiar to South America, are also good. A hidden good piece, released from Argentina.

音楽家の父を持ち著名アーティストへのアレンジメント、映画や劇場の為の音楽制作、南米のリズムの探求など多岐に渡る音楽遍歴を持つアルゼンチン生まれのパラグアイ人作曲家Oscar Cardozo Ocampoの87年作。彼自身がほとんどの鍵盤楽器を担当しながらエレガンスかつ多彩な楽曲を収録しています。スリリングかつメローな雰囲気で二部構成のA1”Cielo Dorico"が出色、他にも華麗な女性ヴォーカル曲B3”A Coneiencia"、南米独特のリズムを昇華させたようなB5”Senorito De Los Bombos"も見逃せません。気品に満ちた隠れた名作です。アルゼンチンからのリリース。

A1 - Cielo Dorico

B3 - A Coneiencia

B5 - Senorito De Los Bombos