Orkes Rame Dendang dbp. C. Hehanusa – Njong Budju Beta

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Label:Irama – LPI 175103


Used LP 1964

Disc:VG+/VG (B1 has scratch, feel surface noise, several marks, not bad condition for a record of this type and age, please check audio samples)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs/wrinkles/wears, no break/split, not bad condition)

Frontier piece released in 1964 by the Indonesian orchestra Orkes Rame Dendang. The music is different from the popular music of Kroncong, with its simple singing and gentle tones of stringed instruments, and is pleasantly reminiscent of Kompa and Hawaiian music. It gives such a nostalgic feeling, reminding of something important. You can listen to it while lying down or while talking to each other. Cover is also lovely.

インドネシアの楽団Orkes Rame Dendangによる64年の作品。素朴な歌声、弦楽器の優しい音色が織り成す大衆音楽であるクロンチョンともどこか違うコンパやハワイアンなどにも通ずるような心地よい楽曲が全編に収められています。何か大切なものを思い出させてくれる、そんなノスタルジアな気持ちにさせてくれます。寝ころびながら聞くのもよし、語らいながら聞くのもよし。ジャケも最高~

A2 - Mari Katong E Nanala

A4 - Ibu Bapa Pung Piara

A6 - Ambon Manise

B1 - Lembe Lembe (scratch part)

B3 - Njong Djang Maradju

B4 - Asese

B5 - Indonesia Sudah Djauh