Open Sesame! - Chocolate Panic/Rashomon

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Label:CB S/Sony


Used 7" 1985

Disc:VG+ (only slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (small writing)

The single cut of the soundtrack of the manga "Chocolate Panic Picture Show" written by Kamui Fujiwara, which was created by Open Sesame! On the A-side, a funky new wave track "Chocolate Panic" with an impressive break in the middle, on B-side "Rashomon," more up tempo tune with synth harmony.

以前ご紹介したOpen Sesame!が手掛けた藤原カムイ 原作の漫画「チョコレートパニック・ピクチャーショー」のサントラ作品のシングルカット。A面にはファンキー気味の展開に中盤のブレイクも印象的なニューウェーブ・トラック”Chocolate Panic”、B面にはシンセが漂いよりテンポアップした”Rashomon”を収録。

A - Chocolate Panic

B - Rashomon