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Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wear on back) w/obi integrated insert (brown wear)

The only album by OM, an ethnic jazz group led by guitarist Seiji Hano in 1983. With the participation of various ethnic instruments and Mu-Project Ryoichi Kuniyoshi as arranger/synthesizer, ethnic jazz/fusion sound is completed. In particular, A2/B2, which has an excellent new age feel, and A1/A4/B3, which is full of ethnic grooves, are amazing and seamless.

ギター奏者 羽野誠司率いるエスニック・ジャズ・グループOMの83年の唯一作。様々な民族楽器にアレンジャー/シンセサイザーには国吉良一が参加しながら柔らかなエスニックジャズ/フュージョンサウンドを完成させていて、中でもニューエイジ感覚にも秀でたA2/B2やエスニック・グルーヴ溢れるA1/A4/B3など隙なしの内容。

A1 - Bandom

A2 - Samarkand

A4 - Windmill

B2 - Pan's Fountain

B3 - Solar Wind