La Nopalera – Tremendo Alboroto

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Label:Discgood shapeos Arte


Used LP 1979

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only super light surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs, small dent at right upper corner, totally great condition)

The third album by La Nopalera in 1979, featuring Gererdo Batiz who is a symbol figure of Mexican jazz, Arturo Cipriano who is known for his masterpiece in 1989, and Cecilia Toussait of Sacbe, all of whom are at the forefront of Mexican jazz scene. It's more of an ethnic oriented piece, first up is "Opera Comica" a wonderful contrast from beggining classic part, to a splendid middle section and a final section with an impressive steel drum sound composed by Gererdo Batiz/Arturo Cipriano, "Pregon" an ethnic jazz tune led by Lucy Bermejo's beautiful vocals", and San Vicente", Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges' classic cover areb also great. Direct link to the group's next best work, "La Rabia Dominio Público"

メキシカンジャズの象徴Gererdo Batiz、89年の名作でも知られる重要人物Arturo Cipriano、SacbeのCecilia Toussaitなどメキシコジャズ最前線のメンバーが揃ったLa Nopaleraによる79年のサードアルバム。どちらかというとエスニックな志向が前面に出たような作風で、まずはGererdo Batiz/Arturo Ciprianoスコアのクラシカルな雰囲気なから華麗なミドルパート、スティールドラムの響きも印象的なラストパートまでの素晴らしいコントラスト”Opera Comica”、Lucy Bermejoの美しいヴォーカルが先導するエスニック・ジャズ”Pregon”、Milton Nascimento & Lô Borgesの名作カバー”San Vicente”からどうぞ。次作のグループ最高作品”La Rabia Dominio Público”へ直結。

A1 - Pregon

A3 - Opera Comica

A4 - San Vicente

B2 - Encuentro