No Artist – Suikinkutsu = 水琴窟

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The Suikinkutsu is one of the garden techniques to enjoy the sound, which is said to have been invented by gardeners in Edo period (1603 - 1868). It is a kind of drainage device, so named because the sound of water droplets falling on the surface of the water at the bottom reverberates inside the Kame (dome) part, creating a zither-like sound. This CD work contains 50 minutes of these sounds. The various rhythms of the water droplets carved in a minimalistic manner create a sense of harmony that makes you forget about time. Just be reminded of the masterpieces of Masaaki Takano's “Shizukutachi”.

江戸時代(1603年 – 1868年)に江戸の庭師が考案したと伝わる、音を楽しむ庭園技術の一つ水琴窟。一種の排水装置で、底に溜まった水面に落ちる水滴音が丸いカメの中で、反響し琴のような音を奏でるのでその名がついたようです。本作はその音色を50分収録したCD作品。ミニマルに刻む水滴の様々なリズムが時を忘れ和みを生み出します。高野昌昭が残した傑作しずくたちを思い出さずにはいられません。

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