Nick Rowe ‎– The Fire & The Moon

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Label:White Mountain Records


Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (only slight scrubs) 

’88 album by unknown new age artist Nick Rowe. With the participation of German guitarist Ralf Illenberger, who is also known for co-writing with Martin Kolbe, performing a new age sound with organic feel that is similar to their work. Among them, B1 which draws a swirling groove as named "Spiral Dance" and A3 "Symphony For Gela" which is rich in spiritual feel are great.

知られざるニューエイジ・アーティストNick Roweによる88年作。Martin Kolbeとの共作でも知られるドイツ人ギタリストRalf Illenbergerが参加しながら、彼らの作品にも通じるような有機感覚にも優れたニューエイジサウンドを全編で展開しています。中でも”Spiral Dance”と名づけられた通りの渦巻くグルーヴを描くB1やスピリチュアル感覚にも秀でたA3”Symphony For Gela”が秀逸。

A2 - The Fire & The Moon

A3 - Symphony For Gela

B1 - Spiral Dance