Niagara – Afire

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Label:Finger – 2960 102


Used LP 1973

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (tear/samage part close to left upper corner, some scuffs/wrinkles)

Niagara, an amorphous experimental unit led by brilliance Klaus Weiss. In this final chapter features Danny Fishelscher (ex Amon Düül II, Gila, Popol Vuh), Dave King (ex Embryo), Charles Campbel (ex Between), George Brown (ex Kool & The Gang), and more. The sound is centered around percussion instruments, as if they are returning to roots. The band members' fusion of technique and groove creates a state where anything goes, and the rhythmic exchange swallows funk, tribal, Latin, Afro, batucada.. We like "Rhythm Go" which is primitive and loose, "Terpsichore," which mixes percussion instruments and creates a wired groove, and "Carnival" a tribal-techno track born in 1973, but there is no doubt. Just amazing. Original in beautiful condition.

奇才Klaus Weissが率いた不定形実験ユニットNiagara。最終章となる本作ではDanny Fishelscher (ex Amon Düül II,Gila,Popol Vuh), Dave King (ex Embryo), Charles Campbel (ex Between), George Brown (ex Kool & The Gang)  らが参加しながら原点に回帰したような打楽器を軸としたサウンドを展開。テクニックとグルーヴ感覚を持ち合わせたメンバーが生み出す何でも来い状態で奏でられたファンク~トライバル~ラテン~アフロ~バトゥカーダまでを飲み込んだリズムの応酬。当店的にはプリミティブかつ抜けがいい”Rhythm Go”、打楽器が入り混じりながら凄いグルーヴを生み出している”Terpsichore”、73年に生まれたトライバル・テクノ”Carnival”あたりオススメですが全編間違いないです。いやー凄い。オリジナル美盤。

A2 - City Walk

A3 - Terpsichore

A4 - Rhythm Go

A5 - Carnival

B1 - Malanga Two

B2 - Rolling

B5 - The Third One