Nakada Satoru = 中田悟 ‎– From Moon To Ocean = 海に降る月

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Used CD 1995



A field recording piece by Satoru Nakata, a sound artist known for his work as a concert member of Shi Zen's core artists Kitaro and Sojiro, and for his work in the media. Total 4 songs of over 10 minutes of sound sources that are thoughtful of the waves and the moon are recorded.

Shi Zenの中心アーティスト喜多郎や宗次郎のコンサートメンバーやメディア関係の音楽制作などで知られるサウンドアーティスト中田悟のフィールドレコーディング作品。波や月に想いを寄せた10分超の音源を4曲収録。

T1 - Wake Up Morning At Maehama / 1995 Jun.13

T2 - Hot After Noon At Hirashima / 1995 Jun.15

T3 - Mellow Evening At Hatsune / 1995 Jun.27