Moro-Satragni – S.T.

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Label:SG Discos – SLIN 3309


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (B1 has few seconds click noise part from light scratch, rest of tracks plays fine and good shape, only feel light surface noise at mainly quiet part) 

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/wrinkles/scuffs, not bad condition) missed inner sleeve

A collaboration album in 1983 between Beto Satragni, a member of Raices and Spinetta Jade and a bassist/composer who has participated on many important works between Uruguay and Argentina, and Oscar Moro, a member of such historic bands as Los Gatos and Serú Girán and considered to be one of Argentina's best drummers. It is said to have been produced after the breakup of Serú Girán as a response to Spinetta and Charly Garcia, who had also achieved success in their solo activities. The two aforementioned stars, Osvaldo Fattoruso, Leo Sujatovich, Diego Rapoport, and many others, are guests on this album. Master tune ""Canecandombe" with a melancholy development while changing rhythm, Charly Garcia score "Como Me Gustaria Ser Negro" with emphasizes synths and electric bass, Spinetta score "Mirada Azul" with its smooth development and soft synths, are still the standouts, however don't miss adult-oriented "Todo Lo Que Pueda Hacerme Bien" that will make your body sway and breezen pop number "Ser Negro". It is probably one of the best works of this period. 

RaicesやSpinetta Jadeのメンバー、ウルグアイとアルゼンチンを股に掛け数々の重要作にも参加してきたベーシスト/コンポーザーBeto SatragniとLos Gatos,Serú Giránと言った歴史に刻まれるバンドメンバーにしてアルゼンチン最高のドラマーとも評されるOscar Moroによる83年の共作。時期はSerú Girán解散後、ソロ活動でも実績を残していたSpinettaやCharly Garciaに呼応するように制作されたとも言われる一枚。前述の二大スター,Osvaldo Fattoruso,Leo Sujatovich,Diego Rapoportなど豪華メンバーがゲストで参加。スリリングなリズム・チェンジをしながら哀愁を漂わす展開でまとめられた名曲””Canecandombe”、シンセとエレクトリック・ベースが強調されたCharly Garciaスコアのらしい”Como Me Gustaria Ser Negro”、Spinettaスコアの滑らかな展開、柔らかなシンセの正にな”Mirada Azul”がやはり目を引きますが、ラストの二人のパートでやられる思わず身体が揺れるアダルトオリエンテッドな”Todo Lo Que Pueda Hacerme Bien”、爽やかなポップ・ナンバー”Dale Amor A Tu Tierra”もお見逃しなく。この時代の最高傑作のひとつではないでしょうか。B1冒頭に軽い擦れ箇所ありまして、少し音に出ます。

A1 - Aguantando Con Fiebre

A2 - Canecandombe

A3 - Dale Amor A Tu Tierra

A4 - Como Me Gustaria Ser Negro

B1 - Tan Solo Un Lugar

B3 - Mirada Azul