Morio Kazama = 風間杜夫 - 淋しがり屋

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Label:Columbia – AF-7392


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (good condition) w/obi,insert

The music side of Morio Kazama, a famous actor who has been at the forefront since the 1970s and is still active today. This is his fourth album in 1985, and features such splendid members as Joe Hisaishi, Akira Mitake, Yosui Inoue, and Fujimaru Yoshino. Among them, the urban synth-pop tunes B2/B3 and the oriental number A5 scored by Akira Mitake are nice. 


A5 - もう一度ジュテーム

B2 - 雨のヒマワリ

B3 - Lonely Love Affair