Moonriders = ムーンライダーズ – マニア・マニエラ

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Label:冬樹社 – カセットブックシリーズ[SEED] – SEED3


Used Cassette Book 1984

Tape:VG+ (plays fine) 

Book/Case:VG+ (good condition)

It was supposed to be released in 1982 as the sixth album by the Moonriders led by Keiichi Suzuki, but the release was cancelled due to its unappealing content. The album was released in CD format in December of the same year, but since CD was still in its infancy and it was difficult to listen to many people, so it was released in 1984 as the third album in the SEED cassette book series. On the music side, the album contains radical new wave/pop sounds such as B3 "Pulley and Pendulum" and B4 "Mild Worker and Convenient Power Plant". The booklet contains short stories by the members and other information.


A3 - 檸檬の季節

B3 - 滑車と振子

B4 - 温和な労働者と便利な発電所

To check playback and prevent deterioration, each recording is a full sound sample