Moon On The Water ‎– S.T.

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Label:Buscemi Record


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (looks perfect but has light surfece noise at quiet part, probably from original pressing)

Jacket:VG+/EX (in shrink) w/original inner sleeve

Moon On The Water, a group of three percussionists, Italian multi-percussionist "Tiziano Tononi", who has been involved in many works like  Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta, among others、"Pierre Favre", drummer and percussionist from Switzerland who has worked with Saravah, ECM, Tamia, Jiří Stivín, and Italian percussionist "Jonathan D. Scully" formed in 1985 as their first album. A monumental work created by minimal performance with the sound of tribal-free percussion instruments, boisterous sound, and the dope texture that surrounds the whole.

Roberto Musci&Giovanni Venostaの作品などを筆頭に数多くの作品に関わるイタリア人マルチ打楽器奏者Tiziano Tononi、Saravah,ECMやTamia,Jiří Stivínなどの作品に参加してきたスイス人ドラム/打楽器奏者Pierre Favre、 Jonathan D. Scullyの三人の打楽器奏者が集って結成されたMoon On The Waterの85年の初作。トライバル・フリーな打楽器の音、沸き立つ音響、全体を包むドープな質感が纏いながら無駄が削ぎ落されたミニマルな演奏が生み出した金字塔的作品。

A2 - Inner Fire

A4 - The Moon On The Water

B2 - Winter Lullaby

B3 - In The Land Of The Boo - Bam