Mircea Florian ‎– Pădure De Voie Bună

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Used 7"EP 1975 

Disc:VG+ (surface is clean but has light back noise especially beginning of A1, other parts are nice shape, please check audio sample from beggining)

Jacket:VG+/VG (scuffs/wrinkles)

Romanian multi-instrumentalist  Mircea Florian. Known as the person who developed Romanian music through a wide range of activities, this is a 7 "EP of 1975 that sublimated Romanian folklore and oriental music such as India released in the early days of his activities. Total 3 tunes such as trippy tune "La Făgădău' De Piatră" is a combination of ethnic percussion and electronic sounds, "Cu Pleoapa De Argint" shift from a folk sound to a psychedelic electronic part, organic folklore with atmospheric vocals "Pădure Liniștitoare". Amazning piece that foreshadows his future musical career.

ルーマニアのマルチ演奏者Mircea Florian。多岐に渡る活動でルーマニアの音楽を発展させた人物として知られていますが、こちらは彼の活動初期にリリースしたルーマニアのフォークロアとインドなどの東洋音楽を昇華させた75年の7"EP。民族打楽器に電子音が絡みあうトリッピーな”La Făgădău' De Piatră”、フォークサウンドからサイケデリックな電子音パートへ移行する”Cu Pleoapa De Argint”、趣のあるヴォーカルの有機的なフォークロア”Pădure Liniștitoare”の全3曲。今後の彼の音楽遍歴を予感させる素晴らしい作品。

A1 - Pădure Liniștitoare

A2 - La Făgădău' De Piatră

B - Cu Pleoapa De Argint