Mikio Masuda & Mariko Hiraga = 益田幹夫 & ‎平賀真理子– Twilight

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Label:Invitation ‎– VIH-28202


Used LP 1984 Promo

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG (some stains around the top of the sleeve, like after gluing, obi is glued on, looks not bad but please check photos) w/obi(stains),insert

Mikio Masuda, a jazz pianist, moved to New York in the mid 70's and after performing with Ryo Kawasaki,Yoshio Suzuki and he went on to join bands such as Terumasa Hino ,Kosuke Mine, and is also known for his solo works such as "Mickey's Mouth". This is a jazz and pop album by Masuda and jazz vocalist Mariko Hiraga. Elegant and adult style throughout, the highlights of album are Jazzy Light Mellow A5 "Darling" and the cozy chorus of the urban atmosphere A2 "Illusion". Nice unknown album.

70年代中期にニューヨークへ渡米して川崎燎や鈴木良雄との共演等を経て、その後も日野皓正や峰厚介などのバンドに参加しながらソロでも"Mickey's Mouth"などの名作で知られるジャズピアニスト益田幹夫とジャズヴォーカリスト平賀真理子によるジャズ&ポップ感覚アルバム。全体を通してエレガントかつアダルティな作風でハイライトのジャジー・ライトメローA5”Darling”や心地よいコーラスの都会的な雰囲気のA2”Illusion”がオススメ。

A1 - Urban Night

A2 - Illusion

A5 - Darling

B1 - Love Talkin'