Miho Morikawa = 森川美穂 - Nude Voice

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Label:Vap – 30223-28


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light minor wears, not bad condition) w/obi,insert

The third album of Miho Morikawa in 1987, who became an idol and established herself as a singer after 1990. The quality of this album is similar to Momoko Kikuchi's works, which is somewhat understandable since she was marketed by the record company as Momoko Kikuchi's younger sister (she apparently disliked it). Among them, the urban modern dancer "By Yourself" the mellow ballad "Be Gentle" and the adult oriented boogie "Silent Talk" are particularly great.  Recommended.

アイドルを経て90年以降は歌手としての地位を確立していく森川美穂の87年のサードアルバム。菊池桃子の妹分としてレコード会社から売りに出されていた(本人は嫌いだったようです)のも多少納得の菊池桃子作品に通じるようなクオリティ。中でもアーバン・モダン・ダンサー”By Yourself”、メロウ・バラード”やさしくなって”、アダルト・オリエンテッド・ブギー”Silent Talk”は完成度高いです。推薦盤。

A3 - By Yourself

A5 - やさしくなって

B1 - Good Luck

B3 - Silent Talk