Miguel Angel Fuster – Banda Sonora Del Film Simplicio

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Label:Producciones Glillo


Used LP 1977

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at mainly silent part, totally plays fine and looks shiny)

Jacket:VG+ (split part on bottom of sleeve, small writing, totally not bad condition)

The soundtrack of "Simplicio" a Venezuelan film by Italian photographer Franco Rubartelli about the love and sorrow of an old fisherman and a boy who was an abandoned child. The musical side of the film was produced by Miguel Angel Fuster, a well-known film musician among Venezuelan music fans, it's a collection of sound sources with a nice touch, reflecting various expressions such as the seaside scene, happy time, parting with an old man, a feeling of helplessness. While based on mood music, the album is full of his musical views, which include elements of jazz, electronic, psychedelic, ambient, and experimental music.

イタリア人写真家Franco Rubartelliが手掛けた老漁師と捨て子であった少年の愛と悲しみを描いたヴェネズエラ映画「Simplicio」のサウンドトラック。音楽面を制作したのはヴェネズエラ音楽ファンにはよく知られる映画音楽家Miguel Angel Fuster、原作の海辺の情景、二人の幸福な時間、老人との別れ、無力感など様々な表情を映し出したな~んともいい塩梅な音源集。ムード音楽を基調としながらも、ジャズ、電子、サイケ、アンビエント、実験感覚などの要素が入り交ざる氏の音楽観がたっぷり楽しめる内容となっています。

A3 - Oficio De Vientos

A4 - Viento De Voces

A7 - Malinconia

B1 - Dame De Comer

B3 - Sueño

B5 - Mi Viejo Capitan