Michael Prophet – Stars In Disco Showcase

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Used LP 198X Blue Label

Disc:VG+ (vinyl is clean, little noisey due to the Jamaican pressing, we guess it's a natural condition VG+)

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1982 album by Michael Prophet, a reggae singer discovered by Yabby You aka Vivian Jackson, known as the Roots Master. Recorded in Jamaica and produced by Yabby You and mixed by Scientist. A total of 6 tracks that can be enjoyed as an early dancehall period, including the dub version A2 "Prayer Of The Upright" with excelent deep delay and the dope dub B3 "Come Make We Rally". Late release version in 1983 and there are 3 tracks on each side with misprints. (The track notations also show the corrected version.)

ルーツ・マスターとして知られるYabby You aka Vivian Jacksonに見いだされたレゲエ・シンガーMichael Prophetによる82年作。プロデュースはもちろんYabby Youが手掛け、ジャマイカ録音にてミックスはScientistが担当。変則気味のエフェクトの効いたディレイのダブヴァージョンA2"Prayer Of The Upright"やドープ・ダブB3”Come Make We Rally”を筆頭にアーリー・ダンスホール期としても全曲楽しめます。82年以降にリリースされた後発盤、表記は4曲ずつですがミスプリントありで各面3曲の構成です。(曲表記も修正版を表示してます)

A1 - Prayer Of The Upright

A2 - Prayer Of The Upright (Version)

A3 - Free Up Yar Heart

B1 - Free Up Yar Heart (Version)

B2 - Ethiopia

B3 - Come Make We Rally (Version)