Michael Atherton, Michael Askill, John Napier Southern Crossings

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Label:Sandstock Music


Used LP 1987 

Disc:VG+ (super light surface noise at silent part)


An unknown piece released in 1987, full of imagination of Australian folk musician group Southern Crossings. The B1 that creates a spiritual meditational sound space while using various instruments with spiritual drift is really dope. B4 where strong drum sound and traditional groove intersect is also good.

オーストラリアの民族音楽家集団Southern Crossingsのイマジネーション溢れる87年発表の知られざる一枚。霊性漂い様々な楽器を使いながらSpiritual Medtationalな音空間を作り上げているB1がほんとに凄すぎます。強烈なドラムの音とtraditional grooveが交差するB4もいいです。

B1 - Edge of the Desert

B4 - Africa Calling