Mestre Bimba – Curso De Capoeira Regional

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Label:RC Discos – RC-101


Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wrinkles/wears, small shop sticker on back, totally good condition) w/booklet 

Released in 1969 by Capoeira Master Practitioner "Mestre Bimba" who developed Capoeira by adding moves of his own devising and the extinct African fighting style, and in the 1930s he ended the official ban that had been in effect since the 1890s and popularized Capoeira, which had been largely discriminated against until then. This is also a valuable reissue of 1989. Capoeira works often have similar rhythms and honestly boring musically sometimes, but this work also includes odd rhythms such as A5/A7. The B-side which includes male and female singers is also very danceable. A rare textbook pamphlet is included.

自ら考案した動きや絶滅したアフリカの戦闘スタイルを加えたりとカポエイラを発展させ、1930年代には1890年代から施行されていた公式禁止令を終わらせそれまで大きく差別されていたカポエイラを一般に浸透させたマスタープラクティショナーMestre Bimbaの69年発表作品。こちらも貴重となっている89年の再発版。同じようなリズムが収録され音楽的には退屈する事も多いカポエイラ作品ですが、本作はA5/A7のように変則なリズムを持った楽曲等もしっかり収録。男女の歌声の入るB面も非常にダンサンブル。稀少な教本パンフレット付属。

A2 - Cavalaria

A5 - Luna

A6 - Idalina

A7 - Amazonas

B2 - Corridos