Mentocome - S.T.

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Label:Giraffe Rec. – F 670.047


Used LP 198?

Disc:EX (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (dead stcok copy, cover has light age stains on the top and bottom, totally clean) w/insert

Rainer Rabowski and Axel Grube (ex Roter Stern Belgrad), who led the avant-garde Dusseldorf underground scene in the early 1980s, left this experimental piece on private label in same period. 17 tracks in all, from minimal, drone, industrial, and ethno, all enveloped by an extraordinary atmosphere. Start with A1 which depicts layers of deep beats and illusions and A2 drone tune that reverberates with overlapping electronic sounds. Incredible. Please listen to it loudly. The artwork is also excellent. Dead stock copy.

80年代初頭の最前衛デュッセルドルフ地下シーンを牽引したRainer RabowskiとAxel Grube (ex Roter Stern Belgrad) が同時期に制作していたエクスペリメンタル作品。ただならぬ空気感が包み込むミニマル、ドローン、インダストリアル、エスノまで全17曲。深いビートと幻影の重なりを描いたようなA1や電子音がリバーヴしていくようなドローン・アンビエントA2からまずはどうぞ。一遍良さがわかりずらいですが終始みなぎってます。ぜひ大音量で。アートワークも秀逸。デッドストック品。

A1 - Untitled

A2 - Untitled

A4 - Untitled

A5 - Untitled

A6 - Untitled

B4 - Untitled

B5 - Untitled

B6/7 - Untitled