Maurizio Giammarco - Andrea Centazzo - Davanti E Oltre La Soglia

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Label:RCA – TPL 1-1114


Used LP 1975

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape, only feel slight surface noise at some parts 

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/stains)

Andrea Centazzo, an avant-garde percussionist who has been performing with Steve Lacy, Derek Bailey, Don Cherry, and many others since the 1970s, seeking new concepts through free jazz and improvisation. This is 1975 release work with saxophonist Maurizio Giammarco, released before he established own label. Total outstading contents, Beginning with full of rich impro jazz sound with electronic, percussion, saxophone, flute ”Musica Original Dal Film Della Mia Vita (Un Brano)”, followed by primitive avant jazz "Shapperpie", Maurizio Giammarco's free overdubbing "Il Filosofo" with flute, bell, ratchet, etc., mysterious harmony of electrically modulated saxophone and percussion sounds spreads out ”Davanti Ed Otre La Soglia”, epic improvisation with Alvin Curran "Flash On The Rock Scene". Phenomenal.

70年代よりフリージャズから即興演奏を経て新しい概念を求めSteve Lacy, Derek Bailey, Don Cherry等と共演を重ねた前衛打楽器奏者Andrea Centazzo。本作は自らのレーベル設立前にリリースされたサックス奏者Maurizio Giammarcoとの75年作。エレクトニック、パーカッション、サックス、笛による豊潤な響きに溢れた”Musica Original Dal Film Della Mia Vita (Un Brano)”に始まり、プリミティブ・アヴァン・ジャズ ”Shapperpie”、Maurizio Giammarcoによるフルート、ベル、体鳴楽器ラチェットなどで演奏される一人多重録音フリー”Il Filosofo”、電気変調したサックスと打楽器音の不思議なハーモニーが広がっていく”Davanti Ed Otre La Soglia”、Alvin Curranを加えた迫真の即興演奏を記録した”Flash On The Rock Scene”を筆頭にまさに圧倒的とはこの事かと。静から動を操る類まれな二人が残した超傑作。一生もの。

A1 - Musica Original Dal Film Della Mia Vita (Un Brano)

A2 - Shapperpie

A3 - Il Filosofo

A5 - Davanti Ed Otre La Soglia

B2 - Flash On The Rock Scene